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GTS Incentive & Travel Services - Professional travel planning service for individuals and groups
Through some of our 'Micro-Sites' with our vendors, you can research or sometimes book online everything you need, from car rentals, Wheelchair/Oxygen for your cruise, Tours/Activities/Shore Excursions, Travel Insurance, or even a complete travel package through our Funjet and Travel Impressions sites. You'll find that my prices are the same as other online travel suppliers, or better!  

At anytime, if you prefer our assistance, please call 512-321-4678 or email us.

Need some destination ideas?  
Check out our GTS Travel online 
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A couple of our most trusted tour operators, FUNJET VACATIONS, and CLASSIC VACATIONS.  When you book online through these agency micro-sites, you are actually booking through our agency.  Once you have completed an online booking, please call us at 512-321-4678, so we can be sure it comes through on our side.  If you prefer, call us to book it for you!

You may book ONLINE, or call us to assist you.


Blanket Baggage Protection Coverage 
-  From only $5 p.per. round-trip!
-  Now available for Worldwide    

Blue Ribbon Bags protects all baggage checked on Worldwide travel. After choosing the level of service requested ($5.00, $7.50, $10.00), all bags are protected under the agreement for a round trip ticket, per passenger, including items checked at the last minute at the gate. If any of the checked bags are not returned within 4 days of the flight landing, Blue Ribbon Bags will send you a check for each bag in the full amount of $1000, $1500, or $2000 that corresponds to the level of service chosen. NO PROOF OF WHAT WAS IN THE BAG IS REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT, but passengers must file a "lost baggage claim" with the airline and obtain a "file reference number" before informing Blue Ribbon Bags of the loss. All lost bags are then reported simply by calling a toll-free number provided, or filing a claim online, and the claim will be monitored by Blue Ribbon Bags from there.

Gold Service - $5.00 for $1,000.00 coverage per bag
Platinum Service - $7.50 for $1,500 coverage per bag
Diamond Service - $10.00 for $2,000 coverage per bag

Purchase HERE!


A trusted Tour Operator with worldwide package options that can be booked with or without airfare, car, hotel, tours and insurance.  Works with most airlines on their package options.


Looking for a different experience?  Sometimes we can't own that house on the beach, but why not take a vacation that makes you feel like you do?!!  Get away from the tourists, indulge in your own private pool. So many options.

Where will it be?  A private beach house rental in the Caribbean or the Italian Amalfi Coastline?  Or perhaps a villa in the heart of Tuscany?  
We have options all over the world for you that make exceptional choices for small or large family and friend groups, destination wedding locations, luxury incentive groups, and even honeymoons.  

There are a few different companies we work with.  Here are links to a couple of those companies, so you can browse to get some ideas of what we work with.

Note:  We can also work with VRBO/HomeAway, AirBnB, etc., however, because those are direct with owners, those are on a $55 per hour fee-basis for our time in the research and booking process.

Please submit an inquiry to us, or call us at
(512) 321-4678 with your details, so we can locate the perfect options for you! 

Villas of Distinction    &    Travel Impressions The Villa Experience 

This is a listing of all upcoming trips with our new preferred operator for
Singles Cruises (worldwide cruises).  

You cannot book online, but if you will email us, or call us at 512-321-4678, to let us know which date/trip is of interest to you, we will complete a reservation request form for you.  

Search Singles Cruises HERE .  
Download booking request form HERE (Adobe PDF file)

Travel Insurance

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It does not matter which land destination or ship you are traveling on, you may purchase your Tours/Activity and Shore Excursions through these third party companies, which can sometimes represent up to a 40% savings, and have private or small group options, instead of the large group ones offered by the cruise lines. You'll also find more variety and unique options thru these other companies, and they guarantee to have you back to the ship on time. 

TIP:  If you have a group, for most destinations we can setup a group web page for your travelers, so you can provide them with this web link to review and purchase their own Activities/Tours/Shore Excursions.

Tours, Shore Excursions & Airport Transfers

Our tour and shore excursion brokers provide a one-stop-shop place for booking everything worldwide from Airport Transfers, Tours (private or join shared group), Cruise Shore Excursions (guarantee back to ship), etc.  Some offer unique options and/or better priced options than buying directly thru a cruise line or tour operator.  The shore excursion providers have a back-to-ship-on-time guarantee.

-No pricing included
-Challenge-based excursions (Alaska, Caribbean & Mediterranean)

Truly discover the magic of the South Pacific through convenient travel packages. We have a range of itineraries which can be customized before or after your cruise.

A great alternative to tours while you're visiting a cruise port, is to hang out for a day at a local resort.  Limited passes are provided for these, so make sure you book as early as possible!  


Additional fun day options in the Bahamas while your cruise is in port!
This is the ONLY way to get Atlantis Waterpark Day Passes without staying at one of the Atlantis Resorts or the Comfort Suites!

The Aussie AirPass is designed to make your Australia vacation easy to plan and book. It includes international round-trip airfare plus 2-3 flights in Australia!

Explore the South Island with a Free Stop in Fiji

Explore the Outback and Sydney from $2899*

Celebrate your love is an essential part of staying connected and recharging your passion.
Here you'll find some of our most popular romantic getaways in the South Pacific and Asia, with something for every taste and budget.  (Australia, Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands and Asia)

Not linked to our agency for us to be able to provide assistance to you when you elect
to purchase directly through them.  

Agency can handle ticketing for you at $35 Domestic USA ticket, or $50 International ticket (each ticket includes up to 4 flight segments, and is additional $10 for each 2 flight segments thereafter)

Be sure to check for added costs before buying a ticket!!
1)  Carry-on bag fee  
2)  Checked bag fee  
3)  Seat Assignment fee  
4)  Priority boarding fee  
5) Credit card service charge (European)  
6) Cancellation Penalties

Some of the Individual Airlines:
www.United.com  (United)
www.AA.com (American)
www.Interjet.com (Texas to Mexico discount carrier)
www.iflygo.com (Hawaiian Inter-island)
http://www.mokuleleairlines.com/ (Hawaiian Inter-island)

European only:
Italian based.  Here are the 77 Volotea destinations: Ajaccio, Alghero, Alicante, Ancona, Asturias, Athens, Bari, Bastia, Beauvais, Biarritz, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Brest, Brindisi, Caen, Cagliari, Catania, Cefalonia, Chisinau, Corfu, Cork, Dubrovnik, Faro, Figari Sud Corse, Fuerteventura, Genoa, Gran Canaria, Heraklion / Crete, Ibiza, Kos, Lampedusa, Lille, Luxembourg, Madrid, Majorca (Palma), Malaga, Malta, Marseille, Menorca (Mahon), Milan, Montpellier, Munich, Mykonos, Mytilene, Nantes, Naples, Nice, Olbia, Palermo, Pantelleria, Pau Pyrenees, Perpignan, Pisa / Florence, Prague, Preveza / Lefkada, Rennes, Rhodes, Samos, Santander, Santorini, Seville, Skiathos, Southampton, Split, Strasbourg, Tenerife South, Tirana, Toulon, Toulouse, Trieste, Turin, Valencia, Venice, Verona, Vienna, Zakynthos, Zaragoza.
From Luxembourg to many places throughout Europe
Prague, London, Dubai
Fly from Seattle, Baltimore-Washington, Las Vegas, Portland, Minneapolis, Anchorage, Austin and from May 2017 San Diego and New Orleans. 
Thomas Cook Airlines will take you you to Manchester from where you can discover many parts of the UK from Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston and from May 2017 San Francisco.
  • Zone 1:  Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal Mainland
  • Zone 2:  Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Eqypt, Gambia 
  • Zone 3:  East Africa, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
  • Zone 4:  Southern Africa, Indian Ocean
  • Zone 5:  USA, Canada, Puerto Rico

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